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Commercial Fiberglass Flagpoles

There is a reason fiberglass dominates modern boat building. It stands up to time and the elements better than any other material, all while being lighter and more flexible in construction capability. Fiberglass is lightweight, won’t rust, pit or corrode, holds its finish longer than any other material, is non-conductive so won’t be a problem in electrical storms and can be finished with a variety of color coatings to meet your personal preference. If they can handle the best or worst weather along our American shorelines, imagine how well they will hold up in your neck of the woods. These flagpoles are crafted to be the best choice and value for your commercial projects.  We offer a full line of choices to complement any project; ground set, anchor base, hinge base, outrigger, and vertical wall mount.  Our Fiberglass flagpoles are rated at 125mph windspeeds, unflagged and are designed to meet or exceed NAAMM and AASHTO standards to ensure strength and stiffness.  We offer the best fiberglass flagpole warranty available in the current market.