Celebrating 232 Years of the U.S. Coast Guard

Celebrating 232 Years of the U.S. Coast Guard

Posted by Hayley Adams on Jul 21st 2022

The Coast Guard is one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security. Since 1790 the Coast Guard has safeguarded our Nation’s maritime interests and environment around the world. Happy Birthday U.S. Coast Guard!

About The Coast Guard

The Coast Guard’s official history began on August 4, 1790 when President George Washington signed the Tariff Act that authorized the construction of 10 vessels, referred to as “cutters,” to help aid in the enforcement of the federal tariff and trade laws, as well as to help prevent illegal activities like smuggling. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries they were known as “revenue cutters” and “system of cutters,” until finally the term the Revenue Cutter Service, was coined. The Coast guard continued to expand in size and responsibilities as the nation grew.

The Coast Guard’s national defense responsibilities remain one of its most important functions today. In times of peace, it operates as part of the Department of Homeland Security, serving as the nation’s front-line agency for enforcing the nation’s laws at sea, protecting the marine environment and our country's ports and coastlines, and are called out to the dangerous seas to save lives.

In times of war, or at the direction of the President, the Coast Guard serves as part of the Navy Department. In fact, The Coast Guard is one of the oldest organizations of the federal government and until Congress established the Navy Department in 1798 it served as the nation’s only armed force afloat.

The True American Symbol

While our military branches are all special in their own unique ways and provide several kinds of services to our country, there is one thing that brings them all together – the American Flag. This is the universal symbol that represents America, freedom, and unity and we are proud to fly our RePatriot American Flag every day to honor all of our soldiers!

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