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Flag FAQ’s

Flag FAQ’s

Posted by Hayley Adams on Sep 16th 2021

1. Should the American flag be taken down during a rainstorm?

The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, with the exception of an all-weather (nylon or other non-absorbent material) flag.

2. Should I fly my flag at half-staff today?

Listed below are all the dates that the flag must be flown at half-staff. You can also sign up to our email to receive half-staff email alerts.

  • May 15 — Peace Officers Memorial Day
  • Last Monday in May — Memorial Day
  • September 11 — Patriot Day
  • Sunday, usually the week in which October 9th falls — Fire Prevention Week
  • December 7 — National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

3. My flag touched the ground. Do I need to retire it?

No. According to the Flag Code, you should always try to avoid having the flag touch the ground, but if it does, you should simply correct the situation.

4. Is it proper to wash or mend a flag

Yes. If a flag is torn, it can be repaired, preferably by a professional or someone skilled in mending. If it is dirty, it can be washed, preferably by hand with a mild soap. If it is faded or tattered beyond repair, or dirty beyond cleaning, then it is time to retire and replace the flag.

5. My flag is old and ready to be retired. What should I do?

Common practice is burning or being buried, or ship them into local businesses that offer to retire flags for you. If you need a flag retired, give us a call and we will happily take care of that for you!

6. Can I fly my flag at home 24 hours a day?

The Flag Code states you should display the flag only from sunrise to sunset, however, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated after sunset.

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7. Is Texas's the only state flag allowed to fly at the same height as the US flag?

No. This is an urban legend. All state flags may fly at the same height as the U.S. flag. The U.S. flag must be on its right (the viewer's left), however. Texas's laws are consistent with those of the other states.

8. Is it okay to fly a flag that has fewer than 50 stars?

Yes. Official United States flags are always considered to be active flags and are able to continue to be flown. From the Betsy Ross and other historic flags, to the present-day flag, any flag that at some time was the official flag should still be accorded all due respect.

9. We are flying the US flag, our state flag, and a military flag on side-to-side poles. What order should they be in?

When the three poles are the same height, the priority is left to right. Facing the display, from left to right: US flag, state flag, military flag. When the center pole is taller, then the position of priority is the center pole, then the left, then the right.

10. What is the correct order of the flags of the Military Branches?

The correct order of precedence for the military flags are:

  • Army
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Space Force
  • Coast Guard