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Flagpole Lighting at Eagle Mountain Flag & Flagpole

Flagpole Lighting at Eagle Mountain Flag & Flagpole

Posted by Hayley Adams on Dec 16th 2021

A beautiful sunny day allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of a flag, but how can people enjoy the majesty of a flag when it's dark on a cloudy day, in the evening or at night? High quality flagpole lighting can solve this problem and at Eagle Mountain, we have you covered!

According to the code, The American Flag must be illuminated if they remain outside at night. If the flag is going to be displayed 24 hours a day, it must be lit at all times no matter the direction of the wind. If you'd like to keep your flags out on display after sunset, our team has all the accessories you need to do it right.

We have all different kinds of flagpole lighting options to help suit your needs including, in ground, above ground, and solar options for both of our commercial and residential customers. However, if you’re looking for the best lighting option, and we do mean the best, you’ll want to take a look at the StarGazer LED Down Light.

The StarGazer

The StarGazer is a patented top down light that our team was asked to co-develop and is designed for both residential and commercial installations. This product efficiently lights the flag from the top down, rather than from the bottom up. Our goal was to create the best, long lived, safest product in the industry. The StarGazer is also the only Dark Sky compliant flagpole downlight, which is designed to reduce light pollution so we can better enjoy the stars and constellations at night. With this new downlight technology, not only is your flag beautifully lit, but the surrounding walkways are also illuminated for bypassers.

Moving forward, NIFDA Members, flagpole dealers and installers, as well as the specification community will be eligible to purchase the StarGazer directly from Eagle Mountian and will receive direct pricing for the foreseeable future. This change ensures that our customers will receive their product swiftly and have direct access to our staff for any assistance you might need.

Other Lighting Products

As mentioned, we do have several different lighting options to best fit your personal shaft, based on size, location, and traffic.

  1. Our above ground LED lights are our most cost effective option. They are fixtures that sit on the ground and maximize upward light to provide a consistent light source to your flag.
  2. Our inground LED lights are very similar to the above ground options, but a key difference is that these are placed underground beneath your pole, making them an ideal option for high traffic areas. This option reduces the chance of physical damage to the product, as well as leaving the walkway uninterrupted.
  3. The solar lights are our most energy efficient lighting and can be ideal for customers who intend on leaving their flag up 24/7 and want a low maintenance option.

If you want more information on how to get started on your flag journey, don't hesitate to reach out to our team by phone at (512)-847-0010 or by email. Be sure to sign up to our email lists so you never miss an update!