National Korean War Armistice Day

National Korean War Armistice Day

Posted by Hayley Adams on Jul 7th 2022

As many of you know, while you can fly your American flag any day of the year, there are some notable days when all Americans should do so. One is coming up later this month and it’s not widely known by many – National Korean War Armistice Day.

A Brief History

National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day is observed each year on July 27th by both Americans and South Koreans. This day was started as a way to commemorate and recognize the peace treaty that triggered a cease-fire in a 3 year war between North and South Korea and what ultimately kept the counties divided.

The Korean War is a significant chapter in American history in which approximately 50,000 American troops died, over 100,000 were wounded, and thousands of others were held captive as prisoners of war. On National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day we are encouraged to take some moments for reflection on the service and sacrifices of American troops during this conflict.

Honoring National Korean War Armistice Day in America

The President of the United States issues a declaration each year announcing July 27th as a day of national observance in honor of Korean War veterans as well as their families. Every year military bases and military cemeteries, hold special observances to honor those who are no longer with us.

In Addition to flying the American flag, honoring the veterans of the Korean War during this time can be as simple as thanking a veteran for service to the country. Other options are also available like volunteering with a veterans service organization such as Veterans Of Foreign Wars, the Korean War Veterans Association, the USO, or even the Red Cross.

If you want to take part in honoring all the men and women this July 27th, join us and be sure to fly an American flag, a Korean War Service flag, or a POW/MIA flag.