Single Reverse or Double Sided Flags: Which Should I Choose?

Single Reverse or Double Sided Flags: Which Should I Choose?

Posted by Hayley Adams on May 6th 2022

Some of our most asked questions are, “‘should I get a single reverse flag or double sided flag”’ or, “what is the difference between the two”? This blog will explain the difference and help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

Single Reverse Flags

Single Reverse flags are the most popular types flags purchased. The biggest thing to note is single reverse flags are printed on one side and the image bleeds through to the reverse side, making it appear to be backwards. Not to worry though, special polyester is used to create the maximum bleed through as possible so each side is colorful and vibrant!

Single reverse flags are cost effective and lightweight, making them ideal for flying on a flagpole. 

Double Sided Flags

Double-sided flags however, are the same image printed twice on two separate flags, which are then stitched together with a liner sewn in between. While the double-sided layout offers a cleaner looking design on both sides, there are also things to take into consideration. This usually means about twice the cost since it’s essentially 2 flags. Due to the extra weight of the flags, heavier winds are usually needed to help them achieve optimal lift.

Double-sided flags are best when being used as festival flags, protest flags, rodeos, parades or other events. They are also good if you want to put your flag up in a stationary position where it won't be flapping in the wind and where you want both sides to be visible to your audience.

The Bottom Line

While single reverse works well in most situations, there are definitely times that call for double-sided instead! Here are the basic things to consider:

  • Single Reverse Flag: Cost effective, lightweight material, ideal for flying
  • Double Sided Flag: About double in price, heavy weight and durable, ideal for little to no breeze.

If you’ve been unsure which type of flag you or your business needs, we hope this blog has helped you with your decision. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions, we are happy to assist you!