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Why Choose Eagle Mountain Flag and Flagpole?

Why Choose Eagle Mountain Flag and Flagpole?

Posted by Hayley Adams on Sep 30th 2021

A flag is a flag; right? Actually, no. Though flags may have the same design, there are many elements that can determine a flag's quality, durability, and value. Materials vary in thickness and weight and the quality of the inks used and the printing process employed determines whether your flag will fade. The weight of the thread and methods used to stitch the flag, especially on the fly ends, determines whether your flag will fray or shred in the wind.

Similar to flags, there are also many elements to Eagle Mountain Flag and Flagpole (EMFlag) that determine our quality and value as a company and that sets us apart from other companies. So when there are many other places that sell flags, why choose Eagle Mountain?

One reason, arguably one of the most important reasons that EMFlag is here today, is because of our passion for the country and our nation’s most unifying symbol, the American Flag! Patriotism is what brings people together and whether they are expressing patriotism in their countrystatecollege, or honoring the service of a loved one, EMFlag is privileged to be part of our customers’ patriotism. To us, it’s incredibly important to not only love what you do but to also believe in what you’re doing.

In addition to that, we are honored in carrying on the tradition of the original owners, Mike and Vickie Young. Over 20 years ago, they opened a small flag shack in heart of Wimberley, Texas. Since then, EMFlag has flourished! Today, we continue to strengthen our local presence by contributing to our community with flag donations to the Chamber of Commerce and Memorials, and conduct flagpoles repairs for local baseball fields and the VFW. 

Another element to making EMFlag the best choice is knowing that by buying our products, you will also be a part of giving back. We are so thankful to be a part of a country that so proudly supports the military, veterans, and other charities worldwide. Our team is eager to follow in those footsteps and help give back to the community too! Take a look at our full list of charities.

Don’t let our name fool you, we are so much more than flags and flagpoles. On top of tons of accessories, we have the ability to develop innovative products to accompany flags and flagpoles to help solve product issues or enhance their products. Two products that were developed completely in-house are The StarGazer and The Flag Sentinel.

If you ever have any questions about our products or just need help getting started with your flag and flagpole journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our associates. Unlike many online providers, we have in-house team members that are ready to help! Bottom line, we are a family here, and we will always treat our customers like family too.