Why The StarGazer is The Best Flagpole Lighting Option

Why The StarGazer is The Best Flagpole Lighting Option

Posted by Hayley Adams on Jun 1st 2023

A beautiful sunny day allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of a flag, but how can people enjoy the majesty of a flag when it's dark on a cloudy day, in the evening or at night? High quality flagpole lighting can solve this problem and at Eagle Mountain, we have you covered!

According to the code, The American Flag must be illuminated if they remain outside at night. If the flag is going to be displayed 24 hours a day, it must be lit at all times no matter the direction of the wind. If you'd like to keep your flags out on display after sunset, our team has all the accessories you need to do it right.

We have all different kinds of flagpole lighting options to suit your needs including, in ground, above ground, and solar for both of our commercial and residential customers. BUT If you’re looking for the best lighting option, and we mean the best, you’ll want to take a look at the StarGazer.

What is a StarGazer?

The StarGazer is a patented top-down light that our team was asked to co-develop and is designed for both residential and commercial installations. This product efficiently lights the flag from top down, rather than from the bottom up. Our goal was to create the best, long-lived, safest product in the industry to light up your beautiful flag.

Why Invest in a StarGazer?

One of the concerns around flags and flagpoles is wind. Our dome-shaped downlight is proven to withhold even some of the most intense weather. Did you know, during Hurricane Ian (9/22), the highest recorded wind gusts in Sun City Center, FL was 105 mph, and sustained was 78 for over 10 minutes and 87 for over 3 minutes? The StarGazer was able to hold up to these unfavorable conditions without damage.

The StarGazer is also the only Dark Sky compliant flagpole downlight, which is designed to reduce light pollution so we can better enjoy the stars and constellations at night. With this new downlight technology, not only is your flag beautifully lit, but the surrounding walkways are also illuminated for bypassers.

For our friends over on the coastline, the StarGazer is also a great option for turtle-hatching season! Along with being Dark Sky compliant, our downlight design doubles as a walkway light around piers and coastlines for more than just our human friends. Our AMBER LED option is a perfect turtle-friendly option for flagpoles along the coastline.

Finally, did you know, that while we are 100% American-made, and can ship and sell nationwide, we have recently expanded into Canada!

The StarGazer is Your Solution!

The best part about our StarGazer is It’s flexibility and capability make it ideal for many different project applications. Coastal, plains, mountains, valleys, the StarGazer is your best option! With many remote power supply options that cover all kinds of project environments, we promise to provide you with the best fixture for your project.