Your Guide to Selecting Snap Hooks

Your Guide to Selecting Snap Hooks

Posted by Hayley Adams on May 12th 2022

Choosing the right snap hooks can be a daunting task. Not only because there are several types to choose from, but also because checking for snap hook wear and tear is one of the most frequent routine maintenance flagpole items.

Snap hooks are used to attach flags to the halyard and typically you should be checking these hooks about every 3 months to ensure optimal flag lifespan. Types of snap hooks can be chosen for a variety of reasons, but here are some helpful guidelines to this process seamless!

Choosing your Snap Hooks

First, you'll need to select the material. Eagle Mountain offers snap hooks in several varieties; stainless steel, brass, nickel plated aluminum, and nylon.

  • Nylon Snap Hooks: Nylon clips are used primarily for residential flags. In residential areas, noise is often a consideration, and nylon snap hooks create less noise against the flagpole than compared to their counterparts. We recommend checking nylon snap hooks more frequently than every 3 months and only used on flags up to 4x6’.
  • Metal Snap Hooks: Metal clips come in stainless steel, brass, and nickel plated. Metal clips can withstand the elements (especially brutal cold) better than the nylon flag clips can and will last longer. They are also stronger for use on large flags.

Flagpoles in commercial areas will probably need more durable hooks and might be more apt to use brass snap hooks or stainless steel snap hooks. When using brass or stainless steel snap hooks, it is important to match the metal in the snap hook to the metal in the grommet (metal ring) of the flag itself. If not, the steel in one will wear away the brass in the other.

Next, you'll need to identify the size of the snap hooks you'll need. It's simple, the larger the flag, the larger the snap hooks you'll need. If you need any professional advice, don't hesitate to give us a call or message us on our live chat! 

Protecting Your Snap Hooks

Snap hook covers are a great way to reduce the noise generated by snap hooks coming into contact with their flagpoles. In some cases, snap hook covers can prolong the life of the snap hooks and can help to protect flagpoles with anodized finishes.

Pro Trip: When replacing your snap hooks, be sure to place them on different sections along the halyard to prolong the life of the halyard. 

How to Replace the Snap Hooks