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22 Things to Know for 2022!

22 Things to Know for 2022!

Posted by Hayley Adams on Jan 7th 2022

Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022! As we welcome this new year, we decided to lay out some must know things from the flag industry you should know for this year. Check out our guide of 22 things you need to know for 2022!

Half Staff Days

Although there are other reasons to fly your flag at half staff, like following the death of certain government officials or in times of national distress, below are the designated holidays where all flag owners lower their flag as a sign of respect or remembrance.

1. May 15th | Peace Officers Memorial Day

2. May 30th | Memorial Day

3. September 11th | Patriot Day

4. November 9th | National Firefighters Memorial Day

5. December 7th | Pearl Harbor Memorial Day

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Military Birthdays

We love our troops and they deserve a birthday recognition too! Check out each branches special day and ways to support them.

6. June 14th | Army’s 227th Birthday

7. August 4th | Coast Guard’s 232nd Birthday

8. September 18th | Air Force’s 75th Birthday

9. October 13th | Navy’s 247th Birthday

10. November 10th | Marine Corps 247th Birthday

11. December 13th | National Guard’s 386th Birthday

12. December 20th | Space Force’s 3rd Birthday

Eagle Mountain News

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Listed below are some exciting things happening in 2022 in our own company

13. You can now purchase the StarGazer directly from our Eagle Mountian website giving the end consumer more benefits than ever before.

World News

Weather you like it or not, the world continues to do it’s own thing, so be excited or be doomed.. Either way, heres what this year has in store for the people.

14. February 13th | Super Bowl Sunday

15. March 2nd | Texas Independence Day

16. June 14thFlag Day

17. July 4th | Independence Day (get your American flags and stick flags from us early!)

18. September 5th | National Charity Day

19. November 8th | Midterm Elections

20. November 11th | Veterans Day