An Eagle Mountain Season of Giving

An Eagle Mountain Season of Giving

Posted by Hayley Adams on Nov 30th 2023

The holidays are the season of giving; giving love and giving thanks. Outside of the colder weather and upkeep of all of our flags and flagpoles during the winter, the holiday season is full of meaning.

For us, the holidays are also about faith, showing appreciation, and helping those in need. Giving thanks can come in all shapes and sizes. One of our own Eagle Mountain family members, Bob Pitcher, is a veteran who lives in Sun City Florida, and and has made an effort to go around his community and donate a brand new RePatriot American Flag to strangers whose current American Flag is worn out or in disrepair. Giving an American Flag, and it's owner, a new life is a simple way to share American pride and lend a helping hand to those who may not have ability to maintain their flags. 

Giving back to your community doesn't have to be a monetary donation or signing up for a few hours of community service. Sometimes it can be as simple reaching out to your neighbor or offering a hand when ones in need. 


A few of our favorite local organizations that we enjoy supporting throughout the year include, the Veterans Memorial Plaza at the EmilyAnn Theater & Gardens, our local Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, and the Central Texas Food Bank.

Additionally, our team also enjoys giving on a national scale each year. We enjoy supporting Meals on Wheels which is program that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals.

One organization that we hold near and dear to our heart is Stars For Our Troops! This group of patriotic volunteers take old, tattered, and faded US Flags, that have been retired from service, and pass the legacy of their embroidered Stars to those that defend them. As a flag company, we are honored to have the opportunity to pass along any retired flags that come our way to help show our support and gratitude to our troops.

If you wish to be apart of this too, just send in your old flags to us or even directly to Stars For Our Troops, and know your stars will be sent to a military member. Nonetheless, we hope your holiday season is filled to love, happiness, and cheer and we encourage you to partake in this season of giving with us! 

Happy Hoy Days from our family to yours!