How to Keep Your Flag from Tangling around Your Flagpole

How to Keep Your Flag from Tangling around Your Flagpole

Posted by Hayley Adams on May 18th 2023

Displaying a flag from a flagpole at your home is an excellent way to show your pride for your country or any other interest. While there’s nothing quite as beautiful as watching your flag wave in the wind, it can quickly begin wrapping around the pole or column when strong winds strike.

Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid pesky flag wrapping, which will prolong your flag’s lifespan and keep it looking stunning for years to come. When searching for how to keep your flag from wrapping around its pole, these five solutions will ensure tangle-free enjoyment for years to come!

Why Flag Tangling Occurs

Furling occurs during flag flying when high winds cause the ends of the flag to wrap around the flag pole, becoming twisted and tangled. Since the flag is situated at the top of the pole, it is more susceptible to inclement weather. Even heavy-duty flags receive damage during windy conditions. While frustrating in any circumstance, furling becomes even more problematic when the American flag is involved since the flag code has strict guidelines for proper flag display and treatment.

4 Ways to Prevent Flag Furling

Flag furling is an all-too-common problem. Avoid disrespecting our national emblem or damaging other flags you choose to display with the following tips.

Using a Spinning Flagpole

A spinning flagpole is a great choice if you’re wanting a porch-style flagpole or a flagpole that you want to mount on your house. Our deluxe spinning house flagpole set has a flagpole that never tangles and comes complete with a gold ball, fasteners, and a deluxe adjustable bracket.

Purchasing a Sentinel

While a Spinning Flagpole is a great and budget-friendly option, if you’re looking for a more upgraded version with even better results, you may be interested in purchasing a sentinel to go along with your Spinning Flagpole. The Flag Sentinel will reduce the amount of time you spend unraveling your flag and banner from around your flagpole and keeps your flag from becoming tangled around the staff.

Install a telescoping Flagpole

In general, telescopic flagpoles, and other in-ground flagpoles, are less likely to cause flag tangles, than porch-style flagpoles. Telescopic flagpoles are an excellent option for those who want flexibility and stability when flying their flag and desire a more official look. These flagpoles are designed for easy raising and lowering, you can take down your flag or switch it out in seconds simply by lowering your pole.

Use Flag Weights

Adding flag weights is a fast and easy way to reduce the chance of your flag tangling when the wind blows. Most outdoor flags are constructed from lightweight yet heavy-duty nylon to increase their lifespan and ensure they billow gracefully on the pole. However, this lightweight design makes them prone to snags and tangling, which is why weighing them down is so effective.

Say Goodbye to Tangled Flags!

Overall, these four easy solutions will keep your flag tangle-free. While using anti-furling methods is effective, you want to make sure you purchase a high-quality flag to last the test of time. The American RePatriot Flag is a great option that will not only last longer, but is 100% eco-friendly and can be found here at Eagle Mountain! Or, check out our other premium American flags.