5 New Years Resolutions For  Every Flag and Flagpole Owner

5 New Years Resolutions For Every Flag and Flagpole Owner

Posted by Hayley Adams on Jan 5th 2023

Happy 2023! The new year is always full of resolutions. Some that are kept and some that are not, but we believe in you this year! Here are 5 simple new years resolutions that every flag and flagpole owner should challenge themselves with in 2023. Don't worry, they really are simple.

Pay attention to the weather

This one is easy, just be diligent. Depending on your location, weather can be more predictable than in others, but watch what the weather is doing and react appropriately. Heavy rain, high winds, harsh freezes, and even extreme sun and heat, can dramatically decrease a flag's lifespan.

By just simply taking down your flag in rough weather, you’d be shocked at how long you can preserve your flag. So when bad weather is headed your way, just bring Old Glory inside and let it enjoy some coziness with you.

Be aware of your snap hooks

If you’re actively partaking in the 1st resolution, don’t worry, this one will be a breeze! A broken snap hook can cause irreparable damage to your flag. The are also the most quickly worn item on your flagpole, so as you are bringing your flag in during inclement weather, make it a habit to check on those snap hooks.

They endure wearing from the grommet of the flag, from the rope, and from contact with the flagpole. It’s a good idea to check the condition of your flag snaps with regularity. A good rule of thumb is about once a quarter.

Keep an eye out for your halyard

Flagpole halyards, A.K.A the rope, can be damaged in a variety of ways, so it's a good idea to keep an extra halyard on hand if you can and to check on it regularly. Again, as long as you are standing strong with your first 2 resolutions, this one is no extra work!

Once you develop the habit of frequently checking, you'll know it's wear-rate better than anyone else. It's best to replace the halyard anytime there are obvious signs of wear.

Be on the lookout for half-staff alerts

As a flag owner, you want to make sure you are always flying your American flag appropriately. While you can fly the flag any day of the year, there are some notable days when all Americans should fly at half-staff. In addition to those standing holidays, there are also times when the President of the United States sends out additional half staff alerts usually for reasons of deaths, or tragic events around the world.

Concerned about missing a day or forgetting when to put the flag at half-staff? Not to worry, we do the memorization for you! If you sign up to our email blast, we’ll send you reminders throughout the year so you can just sit back and enjoy your beautiful flag.

Honor Old Glory

We all want our American flags to last as long as possible and that majorly relies on the care it's given. Our flags at Eagle Mountain Flag and Flagpole offer only American-made, high-quality American flags.

In addition to the craftsmanship, the lifespan of a flag is also affected by its surrounding circumstances. Outdoor flags take a healthy beating from wind and precipitation, so we encourage you to take care of your flag and fully honor Old Glory!